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Trip To SF + Quick General Update.

November 12th, 2009 - written by Brian Utley

Howdy folks. I haven’t checked in for awhile so here is a quick update.

Finished Bounce, then Strengths Finder. Both were ok.

I was in San Francisco last week and during my trip I went to visit MOMA to see the Richard Avedon exhibit. He is one of my favorite portrait photographers. It was awesome. I first went on a Wednesday but learned that the museum is closed on Wednesdays. But the museum store was open so I went in to take a look at a few books. I found and purchased an interesting book called Accidental Masterpiece: On The Art of Life and Vice Versa. I then finished that book in a few days. The author is the chief art critic for the NY Times. There is a great video with him talking about art here. I saw the Avedon exhibit the next day.

So I finished that and now I’m continuing on with Choice Theory which is moving slowly but I’m picking up the pace now and am finding the whole theory really interesting. Once I finish it, which should be by the end of the weekend, I’ll just have books #50, #51, and #52 left with 7 weeks to go in the year. This resolution is looking solid.

Trip To SF + Quick General Update.

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