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Reader’s Block @ Week 30

July 23rd, 2009

Six days in and I’m on page 28 of FLOW. Page 28. That’s less than 5 pages a day. Perhaps I should have waited until after I encountered the tightrope walker to pick my next book because every time I pick the book up I subconsciously ask myself, “is this book really that important?”.

Don’t ask how I know this if it’s subconscious. I won’t have an answer.

So I’m officially stuck with reader’s block. If I don’t finish this book by Saturday I will officially be behind schedule for the first time.

Did I set myself up for failure when asking so much from myself by how I select my books? Why is reading by itself no longer enough? Is this an enigma wrapped in a mystery stuffed in a pancake?

So, any tips on how to overcome reader’s block and what I call “Unreachable Literary Expectations”?

p.s. today I added a donate button to the site. it’s not a stretch to think that if people donate to this, I’m more apt to accomplish it. nevertheless, a hint of shame entered my consciousness, I’ll tell you that. books at this volume are more expensive than I had anticipated. my anticipation skills are poor.

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I Finished Another Actual Book

July 17th, 2009

Book #30 is in the bag. This was the 2nd book in a row that came out of nowhere. Which means that it wasn’t in my Amazon wishlist, or something I had heard about in a magazine, or from another book, which is how it usually works. Each of the last two books have come from the workplace. I’m not a software guy or a programming guy, but this book was exceptional and I fell just short of demanding everyone I know read it.

It’s a small little book, paperback too, and it costs between $79 and $104 on Amazon. I know, pretty crazy. I could buy 10 John Grisham books for that amount! 😉 . But since I didn’t buy it, it was worth every penny. Even at that price, though, if you work in an environment where there is even a little software development and you are even just the slightest bit involved, it will radically change how you perceive “the process”. Two thumbs up from me.

So my next book is well known, Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Or, Mr. C if you prefer. I read the first chapter of this over 10 years ago and remember thinking “Wow!”. I also remember never picking it up again. I didn’t approach reading then as I do now. There is another book by Mr. C floating around the office and it has caught my eye a time or two. Perhaps book #32?

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