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Robert Fulghum Raises The Bar. Completed 31 of 52.

July 27th, 2009 - written by Brian Utley

I’m through with Fulghum’s book (#31 of 52). It is brilliant. It’s the kind of book that you can read one page at a time, take a moment and let it sink in, and then move on to the next. It’s that way because it’s a collection of passages that have inspired his own writing, almost all are just a few sentences. They aren’t his words, so the style and tone and delivery are different on every single page. For non-fiction, it’s an incredible page-turner. He has favorites from all walks of life, Tom Robbins, Norman Cousins, Gandhi, Lao-Tzu, Albert Camus, Thoreau, Roosevelt. A wide spectrum, yes. All fantastic bits.

Another great thing about this book is that it’s a short list of the best non-fiction books of all-time. And being that I am somewhat resolute in not wasting my time with…”of-the-moment” drivel, this book will be as a springboard, catapulting me headfirst with velocity and smiles to the best literature (hopefully) a man can engross himself in. I find myself writing titles on post-its, receipts, baseball cards, whatever is around, titles of books mentioned or titles of books by authors mentioned.

A voracious reader himself, there is no shortage of timeless wisdom that Fulghum has picked up. A nice passage tonight:

The man who never alters his opinion
is like standing water,
and breeds reptiles of the mind.

– William Blake

And one for when you are really down, and need a pick-me-up, gnaw on this one for a spell:

The great thing about suicide is that it’s not one of those things you have to do now or you lose your chance. I mean, you can always do it later.

– Harvey Feinstein.

SO true!

Robert Fulghum Raises The Bar. Completed 31 of 52.

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