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Resolution52 Reopens For 2012 – Gains Co-Author

January 1st, 2012 - written by Brian Utley

So here I am, 732 days later.  I’m gonna do something again.  Coming into December I’m always thinking of the past year and the year ahead, and much like December of ’08, I’m thinking about resolutions and accomplishment.  It has been a couple years since I was last here and now I am returning.  I remember ’09 to be a great year filled with lots of amazing memories and images conjured by the 52 books.

This attempt will be a little different than ’09 though, this time I won’t be doing it alone.

Jenny dalton

Jenny is a mother of two and owner of many books.  She graduated Summa Cum Awesome with a degree in English Literature and has earned several teaching certificates.  She is a voracious reader, follower of celebrity gossip (of which she keeps me well informed), and has an estimated IQ of 213 (I’m good at estimations)  So yea, she’s a genius, and the funniest  person I know.  A small portion of Jenny’s appeal is her lack of concern about publishing her life online, coincidentally, she has NO online presence.  But if there is one thing she loves, it’s literature, so she agreed to be a part of Resolution52, ’12 and I’m very excited because of it.  The site will no doubt be richer, more insightful, and funnier than it currently is, and you will, in time see that.  I’m very excited. It’s a natural partnership.  From the day we met, one year ago, with help from Hornby & Sedaris, books have connected us.  One of  our favorite pastimes is discussing books and authors.  Visits to the Beehive Tea Room are often followed by trips to the used bookstore of Ken Saunders, where we peruse the shelves and recant memories and events that certain books bring up from the past.  And what she says captivates me.  What she says tells me I’m not alone.  And in a certain way, her views and her intelligence and her passion for understanding that is beyond explanation, draws me to her constantly.  We explore our past as we explore the shelves and then leave hand in hand knowing more about each other and knowing more about literature.  Of course there is more to Brian & Jenny than that, but this is a website about literature, not couplehood.  But with her I don’t need to explain what I’m explaining.  She is a woman of unique insight, of incomparable intelligence, and visits to the bookstore are like a cheat sheet into understanding the power that she possesses, the understanding of the world that she holds close and on rare occasions lets me have a quick peak.  And what I see is wondrous, and I beg for more, more of this woman that is unlike any other, a woman that I’ve only imagined in once-thought impossible worlds.

We began reading together a few months ago, without a thought about Resolution52.  I began reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and shortly after, she began reading Murder of The Orient Express by Agatha Christie and followed that up with The Murder of Roger Ackroyd as I was finishing Holmes.  Them we swapped.  She told me I would enjoy Agatha Christie.  It was that simple.  See, Jenny knows things.  She knows what’s important and enjoyable and rewarding.  She also knows me better than most people.  So when Jenny says I would enjoy something, I don’t need convincing.  If she thinks it, I know it will be so.  So, I read my very first mystery novel ever.  EVER.

And I’m entranced.  I’m entertained.  I’ve learned once again that this woman will bring amazing things to my life.  I know she knows me.  I know she’s seen my collection of books (which she helped shelve), listened to me pontificate, and because of the trust I have in her, she wouldn’t say something is good unless it is.  And this is my new gospel.  And her recommendations are held in the highest regard, as I hold her character, which is as close to flawless as I ever thought possible.

This year we will share with you what we find in literature, in ourselves, and occasionally, if you’ll allow us, in each other.  And I know she’ll pester me about how many commas I just used, and I’ll smile when she does, knowing that she’s probably right, and knowing that I’ll work on it.  Because she’s smarter than me, smarter than most, and having her in my life will reap rewards beyond what I can express in a blog post.  But this much I can tell you, she sees things that only the unique and gifted can see.  She’ll entertain you and teach you and keep you coming back.  Because she’s that type of woman, with exquisite taste.  She doesn’t waste her moments of reading, each word counts for her.  It’s worth it to listen to what she has to say, and I for one can’t wait to hear what that is.

Resolution52 Reopens For 2012 – Gains Co-Author

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  1. Robin Karren
    January 1st, 2012 at 21:58 | #1

    Bri, I loved this. I’m thinking we need to double up with you two very soon.

  2. January 4th, 2012 at 09:54 | #2

    VERY soon. That would be fantastic.

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