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Resolution52 Goes Kindle 2.

February 17th, 2009 - written by Brian Utley

Fairly big news for those following Resolution52. This week my lovely wife graciously signed off on a new Kindle 2. I’m excited. And apprehensive. February 26th it should be in my hands. I bought my last two paper-based books for a while this week. Another Gladwell, and another Comm. They should be here tomorrow. After that, I imagine it will all be digital for the next little while.

When I started this little resolution I imagined myself 10 1/2 months from now standing next to a stack of 50+ books with an immense feeling of satisfaction and stick-to-itiveness. Now I’ll just have to imagine the stack, as only 9 books may be there.

I’ve wanted a Kindle for some time now, being a avid reader I was intrigued by this device. But I was always stuck on the idea of having a library full of books that I can walk into. Now, I have a feeling of de-cluttering my life and making things a little easier for me. The Kindle fits nicely into this new philosophy.

I’ll always have my Delicious Library bookshelves.

Resolution52 Goes Kindle 2.

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