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Here, I’ll Save You $40

April 12th, 2009 - written by Brian Utley

The 20 Things Stefan Sagmeister has learned so far:

  • Everybody Thinks He Is Right
  • Starting A Charity Is Surprisingly Easy
  • Worrying Solves Nothing
  • Money Does Not Make Me Happy
  • Trying To Look Good Limits My Life
  • Everything I Do Always Comes Back To Me
  • Helping Others Helps Me
  • Over Time I Get Used To Everything And Start Taking It For Granted
  • Actually Doing The Things Set Out To Do Increases Satisfaction
  • Traveling Alone Is Helpful For A New Perspective On Life
  • Everybody Who Is Honest Is Interesting
  • Keeping A Diary Supports Personal Development
  • Drugs Feel Great At The Beginning And Become A Drag Later On
  • Thinking Life Will Be Better In The Future Is Stupid. I Have To Live Life Now
  • Complaining Is Silly. Either Act Or Forget
  • Low Expectations Are A Good Strategy
  • Material Luxuries Are Best Enjoyed In Small Doses
  • Assuming Is Stifling
  • Being Not Truthful Always Works Against Me
  • Having Guts Always Works Out For Me

So there you have it. I haven’t finished the book yet, as I just started it last night, but so far so good. I haven’t ever read a book like this, a book on graphic design. I’m not a graphic designer and I have no interest in becoming a graphic designer. But like Stefan says, graphic design is just a language and there’s no reason you can’t learn more than one. I don’t speak graphic design, but I can still know the graphic design world a little better than I did yesterday.

Here, I’ll Save You $40

Stefan Sagmeister, Things I Have Learned So Far

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