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Divide & Conquer – Book 1 “Born Digital”

January 1st, 2009 - written by Brian Utley

A little daunting. Just a little. I was up until 3am finishing up my “warmup” book. All told I read 108 pgs yesterday while still trying to get work in and celebrating with friends. I was beat by the time I finished.

Now I’m starting “Born Digital”, and this morning when I woke up I wondered when I would have the time to read, how far I could get, and if I could finish this by next Thursday. So I decided to break the week into page chunks. 45 pgs/day doesn’t seem so bad. So I ran to Office Depot and bought these little “flags”, divided the book into 7 roughly equal parts, glanced at what I had done, and released a sigh of relief. This doesn’t look to hard…(I say to myself).

Born Digital – Understanding The First Generation of Digital Natives.

Based on extensive original research, including interviews with Digital Natives around the world, Born Digital explores a broad range of issues , from the highly philosophical to the purely practical: What does identity mean for young people who have dozens of online profiles and avatars? Should we worry about privacy issues – or is privacy even a relevant concern for Digital Natives? How does the concept of safety translate into an increasingly virtual world? Are online games addictive, and how do we need to worry about violent video games? What is the Internet’s impact on creativity and learning? What lies ahead – socially, professionaly, and psychologically – for this generation?

Divide & Conquer – Book 1 “Born Digital”

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  1. January 1st, 2009 at 19:35 | #1

    Good strategy and it at least makes it look less overwhelming.

  2. Brian Utley
    January 1st, 2009 at 20:12 | #2

    Hey Imelda!

    Time to create a “Lit Hacks” category…

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