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Reader’s Block @ Week 30

July 23rd, 2009

Six days in and I’m on page 28 of FLOW. Page 28. That’s less than 5 pages a day. Perhaps I should have waited until after I encountered the tightrope walker to pick my next book because every time I pick the book up I subconsciously ask myself, “is this book really that important?”.

Don’t ask how I know this if it’s subconscious. I won’t have an answer.

So I’m officially stuck with reader’s block. If I don’t finish this book by Saturday I will officially be behind schedule for the first time.

Did I set myself up for failure when asking so much from myself by how I select my books? Why is reading by itself no longer enough? Is this an enigma wrapped in a mystery stuffed in a pancake?

So, any tips on how to overcome reader’s block and what I call “Unreachable Literary Expectations”?

p.s. today I added a donate button to the site. it’s not a stretch to think that if people donate to this, I’m more apt to accomplish it. nevertheless, a hint of shame entered my consciousness, I’ll tell you that. books at this volume are more expensive than I had anticipated. my anticipation skills are poor.

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