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Finished With “Click” New Books Arrive

April 1st, 2009

So with Click all I could think about was “where does he get all this wonderful data, and how can I get access to it?” And because of that, it was difficult to focus on his case studies. And to be honest, none of them were very interesting. What WAS interesting was what I learned from the logistical portions of the studies, or the new perspective on how to use data, how data can lie, and how if you don’t have complete data, your projects will fail.

It was a quick read, and I recommend it, not because the topics he chooses will be interesting but because of the methods he uses to take data and form conclusions.

Bill Tancer, Click

And Next Up…Book #10 For Week #11

March 11th, 2009

I finished the Stephen King memoir tonight and gave it the highest rating yet. King mentions the book The Elements of Style frequently and it got me thinking about my own writing. So I bought the book and it arrived today. I also purchased Click by Bill Tancer, and The Book of Dahlia by Elisa Albert. You can see a complete list of books that I’ve read and will be reading by checking out my Goodreads account.

I have all sorts of things that I would like to write about, but I’m just waiting for that spark to come. Once I have my office up and organized maybe it will come more freely. All I really need is a desk. I haven’t had one since 2003. Not since the day before the bombs dropped on Baghdad. Don’t read too much into that, merely a coincidence.

I think I’m a week behind but I’m not at all worried about the resolution. Considering how this year has gone so far, I’m optimistic about what I’ve accomplished so far. Plus, little nuggets like The Elements of Style will help my progress.

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