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Quick Update – Eat Pray Love

May 10th, 2009

I finished Quirkology obviously, and told myself that since I was a couple weeks ahead I was going to take a little break. Then immediately after that I went downstairs and picked another book to read and began reading. (See obsession post earlier) I read A Sense of Urgency by John P. Kotter. I breezed through that in a couple days and it was good at times. Some books you read you have to be in the mood for. This was one of those “beer-goggle” books, it looked really good at the time, but later, under different circumstances, not so much.

But I was able to get some good ideas about work and pace and urgency and all in all, I’m glad I read it.

So again, I’m very much ahead of schedule but have chosen a book to read that is a no-doubter. It’s Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has appeared everywhere, but most recently I watched the author’s presentation at the most recent TEDTalk. And it was really good. It even included a Tom Waits anecdote which is a very quick path to my heart. So book #22 is starting and this is beginning of week #20.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDTalk:

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Week 1 Check! Done.

January 8th, 2009

I finished Born Digital yesterday on the bus on my way to the Mayan ruins at Chichen-itza. Nice ruins, great book. Total time to read, 8 hours 45 minutes. So I reached down into my backpack and grabbed my next book, called The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. Anyone who is familiar with the internet is also familiar with Randy Pausch’s story. It was an internet phenomenon that was turned into a 200pg book and quickly climbed the NYT Bestseller list. It will be a quick read. I usually post more, but I have been out of the country on vacation. I’ll try to post again soon!

This is “The Last Lecture” that the book builds upon and has well over 8 million views on YouTube.

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Outliers Author Malcolm Gladwell’s TED Talk

December 31st, 2008