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Eat. Pray. Love. Done.

May 14th, 2009

Lots of thoughts about this one. I may or may not put them here.

Stay tuned.

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Quick Update – Eat Pray Love

May 10th, 2009

I finished Quirkology obviously, and told myself that since I was a couple weeks ahead I was going to take a little break. Then immediately after that I went downstairs and picked another book to read and began reading. (See obsession post earlier) I read A Sense of Urgency by John P. Kotter. I breezed through that in a couple days and it was good at times. Some books you read you have to be in the mood for. This was one of those “beer-goggle” books, it looked really good at the time, but later, under different circumstances, not so much.

But I was able to get some good ideas about work and pace and urgency and all in all, I’m glad I read it.

So again, I’m very much ahead of schedule but have chosen a book to read that is a no-doubter. It’s Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has appeared everywhere, but most recently I watched the author’s presentation at the most recent TEDTalk. And it was really good. It even included a Tom Waits anecdote which is a very quick path to my heart. So book #22 is starting and this is beginning of week #20.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDTalk:

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Book #20 – Quirkology and The Obsession

May 4th, 2009

So I decided, because I was ahead of schedule, that I would read a much larger book. So I started that and got about 100 pages in when I decided to start a different book, and that book is Quirkology by Richard Wiseman. I’m going to continue to read both books, the other being a 600-page book on Search Marketing, but only track the main book, or in other words, the weekly book. Some books are meant to be absorbed slowly, as is the case with a 600-page educational text on marketing. I will take my time reading that one, while still maintaining my weekly pace with much more manageable sub-500 page books.

So I started Quirkology yesterday and I’m almost finished with it. I gave it a “casual” glance Sunday afternoon and found myself in no time at all reading about a third of it. It’s good. But a lot of the studies and experiments that are talked about were talked about in a different book I’ve read this year (and published earlier) called Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. I would say that of the 25 or so psychological studies that the book has covered so far, about 10 of them I was already familiar with from Gladwell’s book. So that is a little disappointing.

I should finish this book tomorrow, and be about 20 days ahead of schedule.

20 books in and I’m noticing that this is quickly turning into an obsession. I can’t stop reading, I can’t stop shopping for books, I read with an almost manic fever, the consuming of information, of stories, the feeling of accomplishment. It’s like a drug, the opening of a new book, the creasing of the spine, the consumption and placement of the book on the “finished” shelf (which is becoming rather full).

I have 13 books in my “library” that haven’t been opened yet, that I can’t wait to get to. It’s almost as if I’m reading for the sole purpose of getting to the next one, and not because it’s a numbers game, but because the rate in which I read has dramatically increased, and my ability to retain information is increasing as well, so it’s the need, the thirst for words, for information. My brain is slowly being conditioned in this way. And I like it.

And all it takes is canceling cable and 90 minutes a day. SO worth it. I’ll cover my TV/Movie intake in a later post.

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Finished With Midnight Disease

May 1st, 2009

I breezed through that book fairly quick, not an enjoyable read like I had hoped. I gave it a 5/10. Some passages were really interesting, but they were few and far between.

I’m now 16 days ahead of schedule so this is an opportunity to either take a break, or read a much larger book. I’m going to decided today what to do.

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